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How to Track Fssai License

How to Track Fssai License

To track Fssai License, visit the FSSAI official website and enter the license number in the search box. Starting a food business requires adhering to government regulations, including obtaining an Fssai License.

This license ensures that the business complies with the food safety and quality standards set by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI). Once you have obtained the license, it is essential to keep track of it to ensure its validity and avoid any legal issues.

We will guide you on how to easily track your Fssai License using the FSSAI official website. By following these steps, you can stay updated with your license’s status and validity and ensure the smooth operation of your food business.

How to Track Fssai License


Understanding The Fssai License

Understand how to track your FSSAI license easily with our step-by-step guide. Stay updated with the status and validity of your license effortlessly.

What Is The Fssai License?

  • The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI): Established under the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, the FSSAI is responsible for regulating and supervising food safety in India. They ensure that the food products sold and consumed by the public meet the necessary quality standards.
  • FSSAI License: Also known as the Food License, the FSSAI License is a legal requirement for all food business operators (FBOs) in India. It serves as proof that a business complies with the food safety regulations laid down by the FSSAI.
  • Categories of FSSAI License: The FSSAI License is divided into three categories based on the scale and nature of the food business: Central License, State License, and Basic Registration.
  • Scope of FSSAI License: The FSSAI License not only applies to large-scale food businesses but also covers small and medium-sized enterprises involved in the manufacturing, processing, packaging, storage, and distribution of food products.

Why Is The Fssai License Important?

  • Ensures Food Safety: The primary purpose of the FSSAI License is to ensure that food businesses operate in compliance with health and safety standards. By obtaining the license, FBOs commit to maintaining hygiene, quality, and safety measures, thereby protecting consumers from health hazards.
  • Legal Requirement: Any food business operating without an FSSAI License is at risk of facing legal consequences, including hefty fines and potential closure. The license demonstrates a business’s commitment to following regulations, fostering trust with customers, and avoiding legal troubles.
  • Consumer Confidence: The FSSAI License serves as a mark of credibility and trustworthiness for food businesses. Consumers are more likely to choose establishments with a valid license, as it assures them that the food they consume is safe and complies with the required standards.
  • Market Access: The FSSAI License allows food businesses to enter the wider market, both within India and internationally. Many retailers, wholesalers, and e-commerce platforms require FSSAI compliance before listing products, ensuring that only licensed FBOs can access these distribution channels.

Purpose And Benefits Of The Fssai License:

  • Safety Assurance: The FSSAI License helps maintain food safety standards by regulating FBOs and holding them accountable for quality control measures. It ensures that the food produced and sold in the market adheres to safety guidelines and does not compromise consumer health.
  • Consumer Protection: By enforcing food safety regulations, the FSSAI License protects consumers from adulterated or substandard food products. It enables them to make informed choices while purchasing and consuming food, safeguarding their well-being.
  • Standardization of Processes: Obtaining an FSSAI License requires businesses to establish standardized procedures for food handling, storage, labeling, and transportation. It promotes consistency and sets benchmarks for industry best practices across various food business operations.
  • Business Growth and Expansion: The FSSAI License allows food businesses to expand their operations and reach a wider customer base. With compliance to food safety standards, FBOs gain credibility and can take advantage of new business opportunities within the food industry.
  • Global Recognition: A valid FSSAI License enhances the reputation of Indian food businesses globally. It serves as proof that the licensee adheres to internationally recognized standards, enabling exports and collaborations with international partners.

Remember, obtaining an FSSAI License not only ensures legal compliance but also demonstrates a commitment to food safety and quality. It plays a crucial role in building consumer trust and facilitates the growth and success of food businesses in India.

Step 1: Gathering The Required Information

Track your Fssai license easily by following Step 1: Gathering the Required Information. This simple guide will help you stay updated on the status of your license.

If you’re looking to track your FSSAI License, it’s important to have the necessary information at hand. The tracking process can be made easier by following a few simple steps. In this section, we will focus on. By knowing your FSSAI License number and gathering the necessary details, you’ll be well-prepared to track your license status.

Know Your Fssai License Number

To begin the tracking process, you need to know your FSSAI License number. This unique identification number is provided to every food business operator in India. It is essential for retrieving relevant information about your license status. Make sure to have your FSSAI License number readily available before proceeding to the next step.

Gather Necessary Details For Tracking

Once you have your FSSAI License number, it’s time to gather the necessary details to track your license. Here are the key pieces of information you should collect:

  • License Type: Identify whether your license is a Central License, State License, or Registration.
  • License Issuing Authority: Determine the authority that issued your FSSAI License.
  • License Validity Period: Note the duration for which your license is valid.
  • License Application Date: Retrieve the date when you applied for the license.
  • Supporting Documents: Ensure you have copies of all the required documents submitted during the license application.

By gathering these necessary details, you’ll have a comprehensive understanding of your FSSAI License and be well-equipped to track its progress.

Remember, having the right information at hand is crucial for successful tracking of your FSSAI License. With Step 1 completed, you are now ready to move on to the next steps in the process. Stay tuned for the following sections that will guide you through the remaining steps to effectively track your FSSAI License.

Step 2: Accessing The Fssai Website

Learn how to track FSSAI license by accessing the official FSSAI website in just a few simple steps. Easily monitor the progress of your license application and stay updated with the latest status.

Visit The Official Fssai Website

To track your FSSAI license, the first step is to visit the official website of the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI). The FSSAI website provides a user-friendly interface that allows you to access various services, including license tracking.

Follow the steps below to navigate to the license tracking page:

  • Open your preferred web browser and enter “https: //” in the address bar.
  • Press Enter or click on the “Go” button to load the FSSAI website.
  • Once the website is loaded, look for the “License” tab in the main navigation menu.
  • Hover over the “License” tab to reveal a drop-down menu.
  • From the drop-down menu, select the “Track your Application” option.
  • The website will redirect you to the license tracking page, where you can proceed to the next step to track your FSSAI license application.

By following these steps, you will be able to access the FSSAI website and navigate to the license tracking page easily. Now, let’s move on to the next step to learn how to track your FSSAI license smoothly.

Step 3: Entering The License Details

In Step 3 of tracking your Fssai license, you will enter the necessary license details. This crucial step ensures that your license is properly recorded and easily accessible for future verification.

Submitting The License Number And Other Required Information

To track your FSSAI license, you need to enter the license details accurately. Follow these steps:

  • Start by navigating to the official FSSAI website.
  • Look for the option to track your license and click on it.
  • You will be prompted to submit your license number and other necessary information.
  • Enter your FSSAI license number in the designated field.
  • Provide all the required details such as your name, address, contact information, and email address.
  • Double-check the accuracy of the information you entered.

By submitting the license number and other required details correctly, you ensure the effective tracking of your FSSAI license.

Step 4: Verifying The License Status

In Step 4 of tracking Fssai license, verifying the license status is crucial. Ensure compliance by checking the license status.

Understanding The Different License Statuses:

In order to track your FSSAI license effectively, it is crucial to understand the different license statuses and what they mean. Here are the various license statuses that you may come across during the license tracking process:

  • Active: This status indicates that the FSSAI license is active and valid. It means that the food business operator can continue their operations without any legal restrictions.
  • Expired: When the license validity period comes to an end, the status changes to expired. It is essential for businesses to renew their license before it expires to avoid any legal implications.
  • Suspended: If the FSSAI finds any violation of rules and regulations, they may suspend the license temporarily. This status indicates that the food business operator cannot carry out any activities until the suspension is lifted.
  • Cancelled: When a food business fails to comply with the FSSAI guidelines or commits serious violations, the license may be canceled. This status means that the business can no longer operate legally.

Interpreting The Results Of The License Tracking:

After tracking the FSSAI license, it is important to interpret the results correctly. Here are a few key points to consider when interpreting the license tracking results:

  • Validity period: Check the validity period of the license to ensure it is still active. If it has expired, immediate renewal is necessary to avoid any legal consequences.
  • Reasons for status change: If the license status has changed to suspended or canceled, it is important to review the reasons behind it. This can help in identifying areas that need improvement and prevent future license-related issues.
  • Legal implications: Understanding the implications of different license statuses is crucial. Operating with an expired, suspended, or canceled license can lead to penalties, closure of the business, or legal actions against the food operator. It is important to rectify any issues and ensure compliance with FSSAI regulations.
  • Communication with FSSAI: If there are any discrepancies in the license tracking results or if the status is not aligned with your records, it is wise to contact the FSSAI for clarification. Maintaining open communication with the authorities can help resolve any misunderstandings or address any potential errors in the license tracking process.

Remember, keeping track of the FSSAI license status is essential for food businesses to operate legally and ensure compliance with regulations.

Step 5: Taking Appropriate Actions

Track your Fssai License effortlessly by following Step 5: Taking Appropriate Actions. Ensure compliance by implementing the necessary measures for managing and monitoring your food license effectively.

Valid License: What To Do Next

Once you have successfully obtained a valid FSSAI license for your food business, there are important actions to take to ensure compliance and smooth operations. Here are the next steps after acquiring a valid license:

  • Display the license prominently: It is crucial to prominently display your FSSAI license at your food business premises. This should be easily visible to customers and regulatory authorities. Displaying the license instills trust and assures customers of your compliance with food safety standards.
  • Regularly update the license: As your food business grows and expands, it is important to keep your FSSAI license up to date. Whenever there are changes in your business operations, such as changes in address, addition of new products, or modification in manufacturing processes, make sure to update your license accordingly.
  • Stay informed about regulations: It is vital to stay updated with the latest food safety regulations and standards set by FSSAI. Regularly check the FSSAI website or subscribe to their newsletters for any notifications or changes in regulations that may impact your business. Adhering to these regulations will help maintain the validity of your license.

Expired License: Renewal Process And Steps

If your FSSAI license has expired, it is essential to renew it promptly to avoid any legal complications. The renewal process involves the following steps:

  • Check the renewal period: Prior to the expiration of your license, be aware of the renewal period specified by FSSAI. It is important not to overlook the renewal deadline to prevent disruptions in your food business operations.
  • Gather required documents: To initiate the renewal process, gather all the relevant documents such as the previous license, Form A or Form B (depending on your business category), and any other supporting documents required for renewal.
  • Submit the application: Submit the completed application form, along with the necessary documents and the prescribed fee, through the online FSSAI portal or to the designated FSSAI regional office.
  • Await inspection (if applicable): Depending on your business category and specific requirements, an inspection may be conducted by FSSAI officials to assess compliance before renewing the license. Cooperate with the officials and ensure your business premises meet the necessary standards.

Pending License: Resolving The Pending Status

If your FSSAI license is still in pending status, here are the steps to resolve the issue and acquire a valid license:

  • Check for any deficiencies: Review your license application thoroughly to identify any missing or incomplete information that may be causing the delay in approval. Ensure all the necessary details and documents are provided accurately.
  • Follow up with FSSAI: Inquire about the status of your pending license application by contacting the FSSAI helpline or reaching out to the designated regional office. Seek clarification on any additional requirements or steps needed to expedite the approval process.
  • Address any objections or concerns: If there are any objections or concerns raised by the FSSAI regarding your application, make sure to address them promptly. Provide any additional information or documentation required to meet the FSSAI’s standards and overcome any hurdles in obtaining the license.
  • Maintain communication and track progress: It is important to maintain open communication with the FSSAI regarding your pending license application. Track the progress regularly and respond promptly to any requests for additional information or clarification.

Remember, acquiring and maintaining a valid FSSAI license is crucial for the success and credibility of your food business. By following the appropriate steps based on your license status, you can ensure compliance with food safety regulations and provide safe and hygienic food to your customers.

Common Issues And Troubleshooting

Track your FSSAI license with ease by troubleshooting common issues. Stay updated on your license status and resolve any problems efficiently.

Error Messages During License Tracking:

  • “Invalid License Number” : This error message indicates that the license number entered is incorrect. Double-check the number and ensure that it is entered accurately.
  • “License Not Found” : If you encounter this error message, it means that the license number does not exist in the FSSAI database. Confirm that you have entered the correct license number or contact the FSSAI support for further assistance.
  • “Expired License” : This error message suggests that the license you are trying to track has expired. Check the validity of your license and take necessary action, such as renewing it, to resolve this issue.
  • “Server Error” : Sometimes, you may face a server error message. This can occur due to technical glitches or maintenance activities on the FSSAI website. Try tracking the license again after some time or contact support if the issue persists.

Resolving Issues And Contacting Support:

Resolving issues related to FSSAI license tracking can be essential for businesses in the food industry. If you encounter any problems, follow these steps:

  • Double-check the license number: Ensure that you have entered the correct license number and that there are no typos or errors. Even a small mistake can lead to tracking issues.
  • Clear your cache and cookies: Sometimes, outdated data stored in your browser’s cache and cookies can cause tracking errors. Clearing them can help refresh the website and resolve any temporary issues.
  • Try a different browser or device: If the problem persists, switch to a different browser or device to check if the issue is specific to your current setup. It can help identify whether the problem lies with your system or the FSSAI website.
  • Contact FSSAI support: If you have followed the above steps and still face difficulties tracking your license, it is advisable to contact the FSSAI support team. They will be able to provide you with specific guidance and assistance to troubleshoot the problem.

Remember, accurate tracking of your FSSAI license is crucial for compliance and maintaining the trust of your customers. Promptly resolving any tracking issues ensures that you are operating within the guidelines set by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India.

Familiarizing yourself with common error messages and knowing how to troubleshoot them can save you time and prevent frustration when tracking your FSSAI license. By following the steps mentioned above and reaching out to support when needed, you can ensure smooth license tracking and compliance with food safety regulations.

Best Practices For Fssai License Tracking

Learn the best practices for tracking your FSSAI license easily with these expert tips. Stay up-to-date and ensure compliance with FSSAI regulations by effectively monitoring your license status.

To ensure compliance with FSSAI regulations and maintain a smooth functioning business, it’s essential to keep track of your FSSAI license and its renewal dates. By following these best practices, you can stay updated and avoid any unnecessary penalties or disruptions in your operations.

Keeping Track Of License Renewal Dates

It is crucial to stay proactive when it comes to tracking the renewal dates of your FSSAI license. Here are some effective strategies to help you keep on top of this important task:

  • Set reminders: Utilize digital calendars or task management tools to set reminders for upcoming renewal dates. This will ensure that you receive timely notifications and can initiate the renewal process well in advance.
  • Create a tracking spreadsheet: Maintain a simple spreadsheet that lists all the essential details of your FSSAI license, including the renewal date. This will help you track and manage your licenses efficiently, providing a clear overview of renewals and deadlines.
  • Establish a renewal process: Design a systematic process for license renewal and document it. This process should include steps such as gathering necessary documents, submitting applications, and following up with the FSSAI authorities. Having a well-defined procedure will streamline the renewal process and minimize any chances of overlooking important dates.
  • Work with a dedicated team member: Assign the responsibility of license tracking to a specific team member who can oversee the process. This individual can be responsible for monitoring renewal dates, preparing documents, and ensuring timely compliance with FSSAI regulations.
  • Regularly check FSSAI updates: Stay updated with FSSAI’s official website and relevant industry publications to remain aware of any changes or updates regarding license renewal procedures. This will help you adapt your tracking process accordingly and stay in compliance with the latest regulations.

By implementing these best practices, you can maintain an organized approach to tracking your FSSAI license renewal dates, ensuring timely compliance and avoiding any unnecessary disruptions to your business operations.

Remember, staying proactive and organized is key when it comes to FSSAI license tracking. By implementing these guidelines, you can prioritize compliance and maintain a smooth functioning business that adheres to food safety standards.

Frequently Asked Questions Of How To Track Fssai License

How Can I Track My Fssai License?

To track your FSSAI license, visit the official FSSAI website and search for the license tracking section. Enter your license number and submit the request. You will be shown the current status of your license, including any renewal or inspection updates.

Can I Track The Fssai License Of A Food Business?

Yes, you can track the FSSAI license of any registered food business. Simply go to the FSSAI website and navigate to the license tracking page. Enter the business’s license number and you will be able to check its validity, registration details, and other relevant information.

How Frequently Should I Track My Fssai License?

It is recommended to track your FSSAI license regularly, especially before expiry or renewal dates. You should track it at least once every six months or according to the guidelines provided by the FSSAI. Regular tracking ensures that your license remains valid and up to date.

What If My Fssai License Is Not Found In The Tracking System?

If your FSSAI license is not found in the tracking system, it could be due to various reasons. It is possible that the license number was entered incorrectly or there could be a technical issue with the tracking system. In such cases, it is advisable to contact the FSSAI helpline or reach out to their customer support for assistance.


Tracking your FSSAI license is essential for any food business operator to ensure compliance with the regulatory guidelines set by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India. By utilizing the online portal, it becomes effortless to monitor the status, validity, and progress of your license application.

The real-time updates provided allow for quick action and prevent any non-compliance issues that may arise. Maintaining a valid FSSAI license demonstrates your commitment to high food safety standards. It not only boosts consumer confidence but also protects your business from potential legal trouble.

Keeping track of your license status will help you avoid any penalties or closures due to non-compliance. Remember to renew your license on time to guarantee continuous operations. Constantly monitoring your license status and staying updated with the latest regulatory changes will enable you to adapt to any new requirements.

FSSAI’s user-friendly online portal ensures a seamless process, making it convenient for food business operators to always be in compliance. So start tracking your FSSAI license today and stay ahead in the food industry.