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How to Track Iphone With Imei Number

How to Track Iphone With Imei Number

To track an iPhone using the IMEI number, you can use reliable online IMEI tracking services like Find My iPhone or third-party tracking apps. These services can help you locate your iPhone remotely by entering the IMEI number in their tracking platform.

Tracking a lost or stolen iPhone is a common concern among smartphone users due to the valuable data and personal information stored on the device. In such scenarios, knowing how to track your iPhone using the IMEI number can be immensely helpful.

The IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number is a unique identifier assigned to every mobile device. By utilizing online IMEI tracking services or third-party tracking apps, you can remotely locate your iPhone using its IMEI number. This article will guide you on how to track an iPhone using the IMEI number and help you retrieve your device.

Understanding Imei Number And Its Significance

IMEI number is crucial for tracking an iPhone. Discover the significance of understanding IMEI numbers and how they help locate lost or stolen devices. Effortlessly track your iPhone using its IMEI number and regain peace of mind.

An IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number is a unique identifier assigned to every mobile device, including iPhones. It serves as an essential tool in tracking a lost or stolen iPhone. The IMEI number plays a crucial role in locating the device and ensuring its recovery.

In this section, we will explore what an IMEI number is, discuss its importance in tracking an iPhone, and delve into how it aids in finding a lost or stolen device.

What Is An Imei Number?

  • An IMEI number is a 15-digit code that serves as a unique identifier for mobile devices.
  • It is like a digital fingerprint for your iPhone, providing crucial information about the device.
  • IMEI numbers are typically found on the back of your iPhone or within its settings.
  • You can easily check your device’s IMEI number by dialing #06# on your iPhone, and the number will be displayed on the screen.

Importance Of Imei Number In Tracking An Iphone

  • The IMEI number is vital when it comes to tracking your iPhone as it helps authorities and service providers identify your device.
  • When your iPhone is reported lost or stolen, the IMEI number becomes crucial in blacklisting the device, making it unusable for the thief or any unauthorized user.
  • It also assists in recovering your stolen iPhone by aiding law enforcement agencies in tracing its location.
  • Mobile network operators can use the IMEI number to block the device from accessing their networks, rendering it useless to the thief.

How Imei Number Helps In Locating A Lost Or Stolen Iphone

  • Law enforcement agencies and service providers can track an iPhone’s location by using its IMEI number.
  • The IMEI number allows authorities to identify the device’s exact position by triangulating it through nearby cell towers.
  • Using advanced tracking systems, such as the Global Positioning System (GPS), the IMEI number helps pinpoint the device’s location accurately.
  • In some cases, service providers can remotely activate GPS and other tracking features on the stolen iPhone, assisting in its recovery.

Understanding the IMEI number and its significance is essential for iPhone users. Your device’s unique identifier plays a vital role in tracking a lost or stolen iPhone, ensuring its recovery, and preventing unauthorized access. With the IMEI number, law enforcement agencies and service providers can track the location of the device and take the necessary steps to protect your valuable data.

Gathering Essential Information For Tracking

To track an iPhone using the IMEI number, it is essential to gather all the necessary information for accurate tracking. By following the proper steps, you can easily locate your device and ensure its safety.

If you’ve lost your iPhone or it has been stolen, tracking it down can seem like a daunting task. However, with the right information, such as the IMEI number of your device, you can increase your chances of successfully locating it.

In this section, we’ll explore how to find the IMEI number of an iPhone and the other important details you need to gather for effective tracking. Let’s dive in!

Finding The Imei Number Of An Iphone

To begin your iPhone tracking journey, you’ll need to locate the unique IMEI number of your device. Here are a few ways to find it:

  • Check the back of your iPhone: Look for a string of numbers engraved on the back of your device. This is the IMEI number.
  • Dial a specific code: Enter “#06#” on your iPhone’s dial pad, and the IMEI number will appear on your screen.
  • Go to the Settings: Tap on “Settings,” then navigate to “General” and choose “About.” Scroll down until you find the “IMEI” field. Here, you can view your iPhone’s IMEI number.
  • Check the original packaging: If you still have the original box of your iPhone, you’ll find the IMEI number printed on the label.

Now that you have your iPhone’s IMEI number, it’s time to gather the additional details required for tracking.

Other Necessary Details For Tracking An Iphone

When it comes to tracking your iPhone using the IMEI number, having some other essential information at hand can make the process smoother. Here are the details you should gather:

  • Proof of ownership: Ensure you have documents or receipts that prove your ownership of the iPhone. This will be crucial if you need to involve law enforcement or work with your service provider.
  • Serial number: The serial number is another unique identifier for your iPhone. Find it using the same methods as mentioned earlier for locating the IMEI number.
  • ICloud credentials: Having your iCloud login details handy is vital for using features like Find My iPhone. Make sure you remember your Apple ID and password to access this functionality.
  • Mobile carrier information: Note down the name of your mobile carrier and their contact details. This information will come in handy if you need to report your lost/stolen iPhone to your service provider.
  • Date and time of loss/theft: Remember as accurately as possible when you last had your iPhone with you. This information will be helpful when filing a report or providing details to relevant authorities.

By gathering all the necessary information, including your iPhone’s IMEI number and the aforementioned details, you’ll be well-equipped to track down your missing device successfully.

Remember, though, tracking your iPhone using the IMEI number alone may not guarantee its recovery. It’s vital to contact law enforcement and your service provider to report the loss or theft as soon as possible for a higher chance of retrieval.

Stay vigilant and act swiftly to increase the likelihood of finding your iPhone.

Methods To Track An Iphone Using Imei Number

Track your iPhone using the IMEI number with these effective methods. Discover the location and secure your device easily.

If you’ve lost your iPhone or it has been stolen, don’t fret. There are several methods you can use to track your device using its unique IMEI number. From contacting your mobile network provider to involving law enforcement authorities or leveraging third-party tracking services, these options can help you locate your iPhone and increase the chances of getting it back.

Read on to explore the step-by-step processes involved in each method.

Method 1: Contacting Your Mobile Network Provider

  • Contacting your mobile network provider is the first step towards tracking your iPhone using its IMEI number.
  • Process and requirements for contacting the network provider:
  • Call your mobile network provider’s customer support helpline.
  • Provide your account information and explain that you have lost or had your iPhone stolen.
  • Request assistance in tracking your device using its IMEI number.
  • Steps involved in tracking an iPhone through the network provider:
  • The network provider will initiate a tracking process, using their internal systems.
  • They will track the location of your iPhone based on its IMEI number.
  • Once located, they will provide you with the precise location or coordinate with law enforcement authorities on your behalf.

Method 2: Reporting To The Law Enforcement Authorities

  • In cases where contacting your mobile network provider doesn’t yield results, involving law enforcement authorities becomes necessary.
  • Role of law enforcement authorities in tracking a stolen iPhone:
  • Law enforcement authorities have specialized tools and access to databases that can trace stolen or lost devices.
  • They can coordinate with network providers and other agencies to track the location of your iPhone.
  • Steps to report a stolen iPhone and provide IMEI details:
  • File a police report for your stolen iPhone, providing as much detail as possible.
  • Provide the police with your iPhone’s IMEI number (you can find this in the device settings or on the original packaging).
  • The police will use this information to initiate an investigation and try to locate your iPhone.

Method 3: Using Third-Party Tracking Services

  • If the previous methods prove ineffective, utilizing third-party tracking services can offer an alternative solution.
  • Overview of third-party tracking services available:
  • Various third-party services specialize in tracking lost or stolen iPhones using their IMEI numbers.
  • These services use advanced technologies to pinpoint the location of your device.
  • Selecting the right third-party service for tracking an iPhone:
  • Research and compare different services to find a reputable and reliable one.
  • Ensure that the chosen service supports tracking using IMEI numbers and offers the desired features.
  • Read reviews and consider their pricing plans before making a decision.

By following these methods, you’ll significantly increase your chances of tracking your lost or stolen iPhone using its IMEI number. Remember to act swiftly and involve the relevant authorities to increase the likelihood of a successful recovery.

Common Challenges And Solutions For Tracking

Track your iPhone easily with the IMEI number by following these common challenges and solutions for tracking. Find out the location of your device without any hassle or complicated procedures.

Tracking an iPhone through its IMEI number can be a useful tool in various situations, such as locating a lost or stolen device. However, there are certain challenges and limitations that one may encounter when attempting to track an iPhone using its IMEI number.

In this section, we will discuss the legal considerations and limitations of tracking, as well as how to deal with uncooperative mobile network providers and what to do if the tracked iPhone is found or recovered.

Legal Considerations And Limitations Of Tracking An Iphone Through Imei:

  • It is important to remember that tracking an iPhone using its IMEI number should only be done in compliance with the law and with proper authorization.
  • The tracking process must adhere to the legal requirements of the jurisdiction in which the tracking is being conducted.
  • Tracking an iPhone through its IMEI number may require assistance from law enforcement or other authorized parties who have the necessary tools and access to relevant databases.
  • It is crucial to respect privacy rights and to refrain from using tracking methods for illegal activities or invading someone’s privacy.

Dealing With Uncooperative Mobile Network Providers:

  • In some cases, mobile network providers may not be willing to assist in tracking an iPhone using its IMEI number due to legal restrictions or privacy concerns.
  • If you encounter difficulties with a mobile network provider, it is advisable to contact the local law enforcement agencies or seek legal advice to explore alternative options.
  • Engaging with the mobile network provider’s customer support and explaining the situation may help to resolve any issues or obtain necessary information.

What To Do If The Tracked Iphone Is Found Or Recovered:

  • If you successfully track and locate the iPhone using its IMEI number, it is essential to notify the relevant authorities, such as the police or law enforcement agency, about the recovery.
  • Handing over the found or recovered iPhone to the appropriate authorities is the responsible and legal course of action.
  • The authorities will then be able to proceed with necessary investigations and take appropriate steps to return the device to its rightful owner.

Remember, tracking an iPhone using its IMEI number should be carried out within the bounds of the law, respecting privacy rights and obtaining proper authorization. In case of any challenges or uncooperative mobile network providers, seeking assistance from legal authorities is advised.

And if you do find or recover a tracked iPhone, it’s important to involve the authorities for proper handling and return of the device.

Additional Tips For Enhancing Iphone Security

Enhance the security of your iPhone with these additional tips. Learn how to track your iPhone using the IMEI number for added protection. Safeguard your device and keep your personal information secure.

Implementing Find My Iphone Feature For Real-Time Tracking:

  • One of the most effective ways to track your iPhone is by utilizing the Find My iPhone feature. Here’s how you can implement it for real-time tracking:
  • Open the ‘Settings’ app on your iPhone.
  • Tap on your Apple ID at the top of the screen.
  • Select ‘iCloud’ from the options.
  • Scroll down and toggle on the ‘Find My iPhone’ feature.
  • Make sure that the ‘Send Last Location’ option is enabled as well.

By following these steps, you will be able to locate your iPhone in real-time and even see its last known location if the battery becomes critically low.

Enabling Passcode And Biometric Authentication For Added Security:

  • To enhance the security of your iPhone, it’s crucial to enable passcode and biometric authentication. Here’s how you can do it:
  • Open the ‘Settings’ app on your iPhone.
  • Scroll down and select ‘Touch ID & Passcode’ or ‘Face ID & Passcode’, depending on the model of your iPhone.
  • Enter your current passcode, if prompted.
  • Tap on the ‘Turn Passcode On’ option and set a secure passcode.
  • If your iPhone supports biometric authentication, enable the ‘Touch ID’ or ‘Face ID’ feature.

By setting up a passcode and enabling biometric authentication, you add an extra layer of security to your iPhone, making it more challenging for unauthorized individuals to access your device and personal information.

Regularly Backing Up Important Data To Prevent Loss:

  • It’s essential to regularly back up your important data to prevent any potential loss. Here are a few reasons why you should make this a habit:
  • Accidental damage: In case your iPhone gets damaged, lost, or stolen, you can still retrieve your data by restoring it from a backup.
  • Software issues: Data loss can occur due to software glitches or updates gone wrong. By backing up your data, you can easily recover it in such situations.
  • Device replacement: If you upgrade or replace your iPhone, having regular backups allows you to transfer your data seamlessly to the new device.

To back up your iPhone, you can use iCloud or iTunes. Ensure that your backups are up to date by enabling automatic backups or manually initiating them at regular intervals. By doing so, you minimize the risk of losing valuable data and ensure peace of mind.

How to Track Iphone With Imei Number


Frequently Asked Questions On How To Track Iphone With Imei Number

Is It Possible To Track My Phone With Imei Number?

Yes, it is possible to track your phone with the IMEI number.

Can I Track My Iphone With The Imei Number?

Yes, you can track your iPhone using the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number. The IMEI number is a unique identifier for your device, and it can help you locate your iPhone if it gets lost or stolen. You can contact your service provider or use online tracking services that use the IMEI number to track your iPhone’s location.

How Can I Find The Imei Number On My Iphone?

To find the IMEI number on your iPhone, go to the Settings app, then tap on “General” and “About”. Scroll down until you find the IMEI number listed. You can also find the IMEI number on the original packaging of your iPhone, or by dialing *#06# on your iPhone’s phone app.

Can I Track My Iphone If It’S Turned Off?

No, you cannot track your iPhone if it is turned off. Tracking services and apps rely on a connection to your iPhone’s network to provide accurate location information. If your iPhone is turned off or has a dead battery, it will not be able to send its location data.


Tracking an iPhone using the IMEI number can be an effective way to locate a misplaced or stolen device. By understanding the process and following the necessary steps, you can increase the chances of recovering your iPhone quickly. Start by obtaining your device’s IMEI number through various methods, such as checking the device’s original packaging or using the phone’s settings.

Once you have the IMEI number, reach out to your mobile network provider or contact law enforcement to report the incident and provide them with the necessary details. Remember to keep calm and patient throughout the process, as tracking a device can take time and effort.

By being proactive and working with the appropriate authorities, you can improve your chances of locating your iPhone successfully. Don’t forget to take preventative measures, such as enabling Find My iPhone, to safeguard your device against future incidents. Stay vigilant and protect your valuable device.