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How to Track Oci Application Status

To track your OCI application status, visit the official website of the Indian Mission/Post where the application was submitted and enter your passport number and date of birth. After submission, you will be able to view the current status and progress of your OCI application.

The Overseas Citizenship of India (OCI) is a program that grants certain benefits to people of Indian origin who are living abroad. It provides a lifelong visa for travel to and from India, as well as various other rights and privileges.

If you have applied for OCI and want to know the progress of your application, tracking its status is crucial. By following a few simple steps, you can easily keep yourself informed about the status of your OCI application. We will guide you on how to track your OCI application status online and stay updated with the progress of your application.

Frequently Asked Questions For How To Track Oci Application Status

How Do I Know If My Oci Is Approved?

Once your OCI application is approved, you will receive a notification confirming the approval.

How Long Is Oci Application Under Process?

OCI application processing time varies and can take several weeks to months.

How Do I Track My Vfs Application Status?

To track your VFS application status, visit the VFS Global website and enter your application reference number.

What Happens After Submitting Oci Application Online?

After submitting OCI application online, you will receive a confirmation email and then wait for processing.


As we conclude this blog post on how to track OCI application status, it is clear that the process can be simplified with a few easy steps. By utilizing the online portal established by the Indian government, applicants can easily track the progress of their application and stay informed throughout the entire process.

The importance of checking the status regularly cannot be overstated, as it allows individuals to be aware of any updates, delays, or issues that may arise. With the information provided in this blog post, applicants can confidently navigate the process and ensure a smooth and timely OCI application experience.

So, don’t wait any longer – track your OCI application status today and enjoy the benefits of this valuable document.